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The Hummer Network (HML) has a long tradition of being a valuable free resource for the online Hummer community in a civil, friendly atmosphere. Here are a few basic rules for using this forum:

  1. This forum is not to be used for advertising, sales, promotional or marketing purposes without permission. This privilege is reserved for current advertisers only unless other arrangements have been made in advance. This includes the use of Private Messaging (PMs) and e-mailing forum users. This also includes third-party posting on behalf vendors who do not advertise here. This forum shall not be used to promote any other similar forum(s).

  2. Respect your fellow members. No insults, personal attacks, offensive remarks, name-calling, bullying, threats, etc. Respect and heed any complaints from other users. If a forum moderator informs you that there have been complaints, make every effort to correct the situation and cooperate with the moderator.

  3. Please refrain from profanity or obscenity. No politics in posts (except in the Off-Topic Forum), images, signatures or avatars. No racism or insults based on ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual preference, etc.

  4. English is the official language of this forum about an American vehicle. Please do not post in other languages or alphabets (it messes up the mailing list). If you wish to converse with another member in another language, use private messaging. This also applies to signatures and quoting.

  5. Copyrighted material should not be posted to the forums or mailing lists without permission from the copyright holder.

  6. Log-ins and passwords are not to be shared or given to anyone. Users may not register multiple accounts.

  7. Interpretation of these guidelines is up to forum management only. No one else is authorized to cite rules or policies. Decisions of forum management, administration and moderators are final and not open to debate. The term "forum", when used here, includes the mailing list. List users are not immune from these rules.

The Hummer Network has served the online Hummer community, which it created in the first place, very well for many years thanks, in large part, to the community-mindedness of its members. With very rare exceptions, the general civility of members make strictly enforced rules unnecessary. Let's keep it that way. Thanks.

Thank You
The Hummer Network

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