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The HUMMER Network

About The Hummer Network:

  After placing an order for a brand new Hummer at the nearest Hummer dealer in May of 1996, I searched the Internet for a mailing list, newsgroup or any means of communicating online with fellow Hummer owners. There was none. Having the resources and experience to do so, I started one, the HML (Hummer Mailing List). It was the very first online community of Hummer owners and enthusiasts. The associated web site,, was started at the same time as a way for people to find the mailing list, which they did in droves. The HML took off immediately and became highly successful. The web site soon became a repository for information generated by the HML. By the way, the web site even pre-dates the official web site by more than a year! It is the oldest continually updated Hummer web site on the Internet.

  In January of 2000, in advance of the unveiling of the Hummer H2, the H2ML was started along with a web site at It was the very first online community to serve H2 enthusiasts and owners-to-be. The H3ML and an H3 web site was added in 2002 for H3 enthusiasts, another first. There is now an H4 web site in case there is a Hummer H4 someday. Owners and enthusiasts of all Hummer models can now enjoy the same benefits, resources and advantages that H1 owners have enjoyed for so long.

  By 2002, web forums were becoming increasingly popular. Several HML members suggested that the mailing list be changed over to a web forum format, while others insisted upon keeping the mailing list format. Web forum software was researched for a full year until some was found that would integrate successfully with existing mailing lists. This software, which was the only such software available at the time, did accomplish this integration, but left much to be desired. After another year of research, much better forum software was found and adopted. The current web forum utilizes the very best software available anywhere and has been highly customized for The Hummer Network. This is a unique, state-of-the-art system which gives users the choice of format, web forum or mailing list.

  With the addition of the web forum, the forum, mailing lists and web sites became a true Network. The name was changed from the HML, H2ML and H3ML to The Hummer Network. The Hummer Network now includes a total of 8 web sites and offers unparalleled services such as the Hummer Knowledge Base and the Ebay-inspired Hummer Network Marketplace.

  The Hummer Network's ONLY business is providing online services to Hummer owners and enthusiasts. It is a full-time Hummer Network - BY Hummer owners, FOR Hummer owners - dedicated to providing the very best services available.

  For the record, The Hummer Network used terms like "Online Hummer Community" and "Sources" for many years before others started ripping them off. As the old saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Imitation and plagiarism, however, are two very different things. There have been problems with copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. If you ever notice anything that's been copied from The Hummer Network and published on another web site, please let us know. Thanks.

Hummer Network Founder